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The "Why" 

Forever changing the Talent game by helping companies take decisions through insights and data and enhancing their business through candidate & employee experience!

Supporting organizations with stratigical and operational services as consultants and interim solutions, always onsite. Why? We want to know your business and feel your culture to leverage your talent life cycle.

Attraction  I  Conversion  I  Recruitment  I  Onboarding  ----->  HR Improvement & Digitalization I                       People Analytics I  Exiting


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Talent Acquisition

Does your organization have a watertight recruitment process focused on the candidate's experience? Do you hire the ones you want to hire?

Data & Tools

How does your company attract and develop talents? Let´s get the data! Using ATS, Google Analytics, Social Media and HR tech/systems.


Employer Branding

Do your employees enjoy working at your company? Are they proud of the company culture? Well awesome! Let´s share that with your fans!

HR & People Analytics

Why do your talents enjoy working at your company? Are they developing and want to stay?


Tech in mind and humans at heart!


How we can team up

So how do Talent Journey operate? Always onsite at the client's location.  We want to fully understand your company's culture – which results in a customized solution that brings your employer brand, talent acquisition and employee experience together in a perfect harmony.

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Role you say?

Talent Acquisition Consultant
Management Consultant
HR Consultant



Let´s get in touch!

Are you intersted inTalent Journey can support your organization? I do like coffee  and would be delighted to meet with you to hear more about your challenges!


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